Online Courses

We provide in-person and online training courses. Asynchronous courses (work at your own pace) are available online at and are shown below with their individual rates. Group discounts are available; just ask us.

If your firm would like to receive remote, online synchronous training (live training) for a group (using MS Teams), we will be pleased to quote you a rate which will depend on the number of individuals taking the course, the time commitment, and the number of participants taking professional certification.  




BCM-901: Advanced Course: Diploma in Business Continuity & Resiliency Management (includes BCRP professional exam)
$ 1995
BCM-801: Intermediate Course: Certificate in Business Continuity & Resiliency Management (includes BCMP professional exam) $ 1495
BCM-701: Introductory Course: Certificate in Business Continuity Management (includes ABCM exam) $ 995
BCM-201: Intermediate Course: Diploma in Business Continuity Audit and Evaluation (includes BCRA professional exam) $ 1495
CMC-601: Certificate in Crisis Communications (includes CCCM professional exam) $ 995

BCRP (Business Continuity & Resiliency Professional)

$ 500
BCMP (Business Continuity Management Planner) $ 500
BCRA (Business Continuity & Resiliency Auditor) $ 500

ABCM (Associate Business Continuity Manager)

$ 500

CCCM (Certified Crisis Communications Manager)

$ 500

ACCM (Associate Crisis Communications Manager)

$ 500

ACMP (Accredited Crisis Management Professional)

$ 500

Business Continuity Overview

$ 295
Certificate in ITDR/Cybersecurity. This course will introduce participants to the key concepts and methodology for developing a disaster recovery plan, IT recovery strategies, CyberSecurity issues and strategies, and related concerns. $ 195
Certificate in BCM Awareness and Training. In this course. you will learn how to develop a BCM Awareness and Training Program that makes sense for your organization's unique needs, and the tools and "vehicles" that you can use to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right target audience. $ 395

Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment. This comprehensive BIA course is identical in content to our 2-day in-person BCM-501 course providing the tools and knowledge required to conduct a Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment for any organization

$ 995

Fast Track your BCMS. This course provides practical tools and techniques to implement a FAST TRACK solution to significantly reduce the time required to conduct the BIA/Risk Assessment/Continuity Strategy phase of your Business Continuity Plan development.

$ 495
Free lesson from Business Continuity Management Course Free
Introduction to Business Continuity Management $ 99
Planning a BCMS $ 99
Conducting a BIA and Risk Assessment $ 99
BC Strategies and Solutions $ 99
Introduction to Crisis Management $ 99
Introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning $ 99
Introduction to CyberSecurity $ 99
Testing and Evaluating a BCM  Program $ 99
Implementing a BCMS $ 99