BCM-601 Fast Track

This course provides a hands-on workshop for implementing a Fast Track solution to develop an effective Business Continuity Plan for business, government and not-for-profit organizations. The course provides practical tools and techniques to implement a FAST TRACK solution to significantly reduce the time required to conduct the BIA/Risk Assessment/Continuity Strategy phase of your Business Continuity Plan development, with a special focus on ISO 22301, the International Standard for BCM.

Through the use of instructor-led presentations, participants learn how to FAST TRACK the essential phases of a Business Continuity Plan development project, to readily identify areas where their organization is most vulnerable and can be most easily and quickly protected. If you are responsible for starting a BC project, this course will enable you to do your job.

At the conclusion of this course, participants should:

> have a solid understanding of the overall Business Continuity Management lifecycle

> have the tools and knowledge required to conduct a Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment for their organization

> know how to identify and select cost-effective Business Continuity strategies for key business activities

> know how to establish the organizational framework required to enable their BC program

> have the tools and knowledge required to plan and coordinate effective BCP tests and exercises, and

> know how to maintain support and commitment for the Business Continuity program.

The emphasis in this course is on "getting it done". A Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants who finish the course; this course does not qualify for the BCMP or BCRP designation.



Lesson 1 Introduction

Lesson 2 7 Steps to your BCMS


Lesson 3 Planning your BCMS

Lesson 4 Objectives and Milestones

Lesson 5 Crisis Communications

Lesson 6 Handling Social Media Crises


Lesson 7 Intro to Business Impact Analysis

Lesson 8 Conducting a BIA

Lesson 9 Conducting a Risk Assessment

Lesson 10 BCP Strategy Selection

Lesson 11 Crisis Management

Lesson 12 Issues in Crisis Management

Lesson 13 Business Recovery Procedures

Lesson 14 Training your Teams

Lesson 15 Testing your BCP


Lesson 16 BCP Evaluation


Lesson 17 Continual Improvement