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Are you responsible for Business Continuity, Risk Management, IT, Compliance, Quality Control, ICT, Security, Disaster Recovery, Audit, or Emergency Management? Do you need to learn 21st Century Business Continuity Management techniques? Would you like to become professionally certified in Business Continuity Management?
OCT 2-4 - ORLANDO: ECP-601 Effective Business Continuity Management
OCT 9-10 - PRAGUE: ECP-301 Fast Track your BCM
OCT 11-12 - PRAGUE: ECP-501 Audit your BCM
OCT 16-17 - MADRID: ECP-301 Fast Track your BCM
OCT 18-19 - MADRID: ECP-501 Audit your BCM
OCT 23-25 - COPENHAGEN: ECP-801 Business Continuity and Resiliency Management
NOV 6-8 - ORLANDO: ECP-601 Effective Business Continuity Management
NOV 13-15 - ROME: ECP-801 Business Continuity and Resiliency Management
NOV 19-20 - PARIS: ECP-301 Fast Track your BCM
NOV 22-23 - PARIS: ECP-501 Audit your BCM
NOV 27-29 - AMSTERDAM: ECP-801 Business Continuity and Resiliency Management

Business Continuity at its Best

Greetings. My name is Michael Bittle and, for the past sixteen years, I have served as the Managing Director of the Institute for Business Continuity Training.

IBCT is an international Business Continuity training and consulting company, offering a wide range of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and related courses online, onsite, and throughout the year in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and around the world.

Our focus is to provide the very best Business Continuity training you can get. Our courses are different.

There are many BCM training/certification companies. Their focus is to train you in what you need to "know" - so that you can pass their certification exam. Our focus is to train you in what you need to "do" — so that you can protect the key business activities of your business operations.

In the event of a major - or minor - critical incident, we want to ensure your organization will prove resilient so that the essential components of your organization will survive.

So we teach you "what" you need to do as well as "how" to do it. As I said, our courses are different.

What is Business Continuity?

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Business Continuity Management is a suite of documented and tested procedures to ensure that an organization does not experience unacceptable interruptions in any of its key business activities even in the event of a critical disruptive incident (disaster) - no matter what !

Business Continuity Management consists of three core elements:

  • Incident Response and Communications to enable an effective response to a critical incident. Crisis Management focuses on stabilizing the situation and preparing the business for recovery operations
  • IT Disaster Recovery addresses the recovery of critical IT assets, including systems, applications, databases, storage and network assets
  • Business Recovery Planning, or Business Resumption Planning, involves the recovery of key business activities providing core products or services to customers

An effective BCMS provides the ability to manage a major business disruption to:

  • ensure the health and safety of employees
  • maintain key prioritized business activities
  • minimize business impacts
  • protect the company’s reputation
  • avoid unnecessary legal liabilities
  • expedite the return to stable conditions
  • avoid the incident escalating into a company disaster


Why Choose IBCT?

Comprehensive Training

The Best BC Training

As a typical course participant, you likely have less than two years experience in business continuity planning - perhaps you are brand new to the field! Drawing from the US standard NFPA 1600 and the international standard ISO 22301, we believe our courses to be the very best business continuity training offered anywhere in the world.


Professional Certification

It is a Fact of Life

These days, it is not enough to know how to do your job. You have to be able to prove that an independent third party will certify that you know what you know. We can help you with this!


Our Success Guarantee


Our Success Guarantee

We guarantee that you will succeed on the CCM exam on your first attempt - or we will pay for any subsequent exam retakes - no questions asked!


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