ECP-001: Introduction to Business Continuity Management

ECP-101: Introduction to Effective Business Continuity Planning

This 1-day seminar is for new BCP/IT practitioners and provides an overview and introduction to the current state of Business Continuity Management with a special focus on the Plan-Do-Check-Act BCM Lifecycle as set out in ISO 22301, the new International Standard for BCM. This course does NOT include the CCM exam.


Introduction to Business Continuity Planning

• The new realities of Business Continuity Planning

• Management's roles and responsibilities with respect to Business Continuity

• Establishing and managing a Business Continuity program

• How to evaluate, and maximize, the program's cost-effectiveness

• The difference between Business Continuity and System Availability

• Generally Accepted Business Continuity 'Best Practices'

• Future trends in Business Continuity Management


- Establish business continuity policy, objectives, targets, controls, processes and procedures

• Setting corporate policies, objectives and budgets

• Assigning accountability for the Business Continuity program

• Establishing the Business Continuity teams

• Implementing a Crisis Management framework

• Leadership - Establishing the BCMS Teams

• Implementing an Incident Response Structure

• Developing an Awareness and Training Program


- Implement and operate the business continuity policy, controls, processes and procedures

• Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment

• Identifying Strategies to Reduce Risk and Impact

• Exercising the BCMS Teams

• Testing and Validating BC plans


- Monitor and review performance against business continuity policy and objectives, report the results to management for review, and determine and authorize actions for remediation and improvement

• Auditing and Evaluating BCP plans

• Management Review


- Maintain and improve the BCMS by taking corrective action, based on the results of management review and reappraising the scope of the BCMS and business continuity policy and objectives

• Maintaining and Administering BCP plans

• Continual Improvement

NOTE: This course is normally offered as a private in-house 1-day session for up to 25 participants; cost to be determined by the number of participants and location of the course presentation.